Have you ever asked yourself what love is

These questions hover in my head daily as I observe the smiles/ frown on the faces of would be or have been lovers.

Do you wonder as I do why relationships usually begin with smiles, unbalanced chemicals and end in miseries .

I wonder why the lovebirds of yesterday seem not able to work it out today.

These thoughts were refreshed today as I listen to my neighbors ranting at each other over 200 naira..☺..yes 200

They’re both arguing over responsibilities and why the husband should drop only 200 for the children feeding allowance. This rants started from 200 naira and degenerated to fisty cuffs where other older neighbors had to come separate them.

Apparently the 200 naira is the tipping point of the woman’s anger.

I had to revisit my belief on a healthy relationship, things in my opinion will ensure 200 naira talks are never heard.

1. Have an understanding that on no account should anyone be invited to intervene or settle issues between us.

2. Issues cannot be swept under the table, they ought to be attacked as soon as possible…no delays.

3. The past should always remain in the past, no reference should be made to issues in the past, if not raised then, it dies there.

4. There is no offense calculator, no big offense or small. No additional or multiplicative offence…. Everyone is to be addressed immediately

5. Forgiveness is a daily driver…be ready to forgive.

6. Always remember you’re working together for the same good. There’s no competition…it’s a team work