After Zuckerberg , Bezo’s, and Steve Jobs success stories, it appeared the tech spell has been cast on all young minds who only think of the tech industry majorly programming related. These had raise the influx of millennials into programming related courses to fill the job gap since almost every organization is embracing the latest technology in order to drive up efficiency and reduce operational costs.

As a fresh emerging sector, the tech field obeyed the basic economic principles of demand and supply in rewarding the very small available talent pool which drove their hiring cost astronomically beyond control.

These astronomical renumeration and attractive packages also brought about the flooding of the sector with more talent pool in a way that jobs become highly competitive since the candidate supply has increased.

The recent Andela debacle is a pointer to the fact that, the employee supply in tech is ever increasing as employment slot are relatively decreasing.

This is not a Nigerian problem but a worldwide issue as I’ve seen so many great developers online job hunting

Technology Brain

especially on Twitter, with increased frequency

There are many reasons for this which I’ll try to enumerate below.

1. The major reason for tech jobs is the possibility of doing more with less human resources. This is also increasing daily as computer become smaller and also more intelligent.

2. Companies are profit oriented and always looking for cheaper and faster ways to do more….why employ 6 in-house developers to create and manage an app when you can employ one to manage and over 100 to create at a lesser amount from the vast experience unemployed job pool.

3. The gig economy….just as tech gives room for work environment flexibility, it also gives room for a damaging employee choice market without any legal or brand damage.

The Future Of Human Work

With the rising employee availability and the incredible capacity or machines, softwares up to artificial intelligence, we don’t need a sorcerer to tell us that only the very best will be absorbed into emerging companies and the large portion will be unemployed.

It might take some time beyond our generation but the inevitability of our present situation will catch up someday .

Developed countries will continue to use the undeveloped as guinea pigs for their human experiments : reason being that they (developing) rely on technologies from the developed to communicate in the new order unless an act of nature changes the equation.

It’s not all gloom yet.

The race for tech is fast and the better for anyone to join now before it gets too late. Tech interpreters will be highly appreciated in the new world in order to digitalize a lot of the preexisting analog systems we have.

Programming efficiency will also be highly required hence senior software engineer will always find some employment but the junior ones still have a lot of hurdles ahead to cover.