Many a time I get confused by the acts or proclamation of some individual who believe they’re sent to save the world.Though I don’t deny the possibility of spiritual encounters but also wouldn’t deny the presence of mental struggles.Kanye west as a case study believes he’s in perfect connection with God: a feat which several individual with similar issue believe in.Just in case you’re not aware:: bipolars believe they hear directly from God through one or many encounters. This same feat is what drives many of our so-called “Men of God” who laud it over their followers that God speaks to them personally and they can intercede for them during their Communion with “God”.Most Christian’s alike are lazy and looking for someone to speak on their behalf. This becomes a good market for the vociferous mentally unbalanced “man of God” who by one stroke of luck has been able to convince his followers through one coincidental happening that he hears from God.These and many more of such vituperation are orchestrated lies marketed to the public.Everyone has the opportunity to commune with God, no one has a monopoly of such.Many of our “men of God” are actually mentally unstable people whose business thrives via their manic highs and depressive lows. They’re fueled by activity and belief in them.I had encounters with two different friends at different stages of my life, both gender.The male is hyperactive and finds fulfilment when people talk about him as a genius hence his constant lifting of worked out materials from the internet which he then sells to his’s a shame that many of them believed him except I , since I was pretty much aware of where he lifted them from and I being very reserved as well.The other, a female who I met in my much adulthood believes she hears from God too, hence her radical decisions about life issues, though those decisions falls flat on her face at times and she tries to recant them when it does but of course ‘the north remembers’.These encounters I’ve tested in both of them severally to come to a conclusion that, majority of so-called “God said” were just radical manifestation of their mental instability. Ironically, they’re easily manipulated as long as you allude to their “God said” style of communication.It is important for every believer to test all spirits to determine whether they’re of God truly or just mental whirlwind. Bipolar syndrome is real and it affects both high and low, Preacher, Bishop, Reverend, Member, Sinner alike.There are several books written on this topic already…one I’m attaching for your reading pleasure is below.Thank you for reading.