This is what I feel tonight, This morning i woke up and i look at how things have turned out, apparently not fine.
How I wish that our plans can be well laid out and they turn out the way we want them to be, but life just happens to us all.
How I wish we can see into the future and mold our paths, but life happens to us all.
I am a man that fights and keeps fighting, I don’t want to lose my strength, don’t want to lose my mind but it’s very very clear that there’s s much that we just don’t know. The more you keep going the more the battle keeps coming. and you keep asking if that’s what being a man is all about.
“Know thyself” If I knew myself, I’d run away.”
I wish we could go back to our days of innocence when all we care about is time to eat and sleep.
I wish we can go back to those days when we attend school to  study and come back home for games
I wish we can relive those pasts, those moments when everything is sweet.
But here I am, here we are, here you are fighting daily battles, At times it looks like we didn’t plan well, though we did base on the information available to us. Life just happens.
I know, I’m not the only one feeling like this lately. I want to do something,
Don’t want to waste my time, energy or resources., but somewhere along the line, the resources are being wasted daily time keeps counting.
The landlady is calling, Madam is knocking, the lenders are calling daily and you look at your investments all gone into the wind.
I thought I had it all figured out, I thought
She wants me to call but I can’t because it’s a commitment to sink deeper.
I wish someone can pull me up from this sinking pod.
Most of us are damaged goods deep within but we sleep to try again another day, we sleep to see a different day just to meet the realities of life.
Is this all life is all about, Is this all life has to offer,
make money, spend, rinse repeat, just surviving.
My life isn’t about survival alone but impact.
Do something to change other people’s life
I refuse to only survive!!
I touch and lead lives.