Social media has come to stay but have we ever considered how it affects our daily lives.

My business and others thrives on the use of social media but we all  cant live our lives there, because of the disconnect it creates with physical human interactions.

Have you ever asked yourself why everyone looks perfect on social media despite the issues in their private lives.

I stumbled on this video of teenagers watching a man drown while they recorded the incident with their phones.

These teenagers cannot feel the pain the man was going through, hence saw no need to act. Issues like these also comes up with the increasing rape and sexual assault incidences all because there’s a disconnect in their brains to feel pain.

Our young ones are becoming excessively violent online because of their reducing physical interactions.

These tiny roots will germinate one day unless we make a change.


Can you drop your phone for a week or at least remove all the social media apps on them?

Physical Human Interactions Is Important