Woke up this morning to some really bad news and a badder one for that matter.

100 Level student bought his Ss3 student girlfriend Benz, iPhone X Max and iwatch. I thought you people said there’s no money in Nigeria.

Why shouldnt or wouldn’t I vex, this gift is good but it will put us Look Gooding guys on a different scale of judgement now….
Ome of us that bae has been complaining about phone for sometime and we acted as if we didnt hear it because no pepper to order yet will now be expected to buy Benz lohunlohun…

Come to think of it, she’s just in SS3 and the boo is in 100 level, those are the kind of guys that buys jet for bae ( I’m watching out for who will do that next, that should be me with big dreams) .
What’s the biggest gift you’ve bought for your baes & boos….lets open our fowl yansh in public..
Mine na phone for one girl wey still live me las las….Man has suffered