Living through a boring Sunday evening without electricity is horrendous, but we’ll definitely survive.

In the boredom, I decided to watch videos on YouTube , and somehow got drawn into the world of Autopilots ( self driving vehicles). These autonomous driver assist is pretty big in the US and slowly creeping into the UK. It’s quite fascinating seeing how millennials are testing the limits of AI.

In that mode, a question flashed through my mind, “how does the computer keeps to a lane” and also obey traffic lights.

It then crossed my mind that the lanes are all marked clearly, meaning the car only had to look at the lane colors and it’ll drive super fine.

It also uses the roadmap and GPS to understand where there are traffic lights and prepare ahead for them by slowing down before it gets there.

Here’s the big question, can it work in Nigeria, probably not ; given the current state of our public utilities.

Roads are not marked, zebra crossing are all wiped out without any thought of repainting them unless election is around the corner or the road is newly constructed

I’ve driven over supposed zebra crossing several times only to see the zebra sign post lying on the ground like a sleepy animal.

While watching the videos, I noticed , the autonomous car maintained good distance between itself and the vehicle in front and I’m reminded of our driving style in Lagos…so common that a popular artist sang about it Bumper to Bumper (by Wande Cole).

The AI is supposed to learn driving style from the person in the car ( worst case for Lagos) in a few weeks, Lagos Autonomous cars will drive bumper to bumper, they’ll also blare horns at every passing vehicle who isn’t moving as desired.

All these makes one wonder , how we have accepted irrational behaviours (though not legalised yet) as normal in Nigeria.

Reminds of Pius Adesanmi’s(RIP) parable of the shower head.

Things didn’t get this bad suddenly, it ate into our lives like gangrenous wounds left untreated.

And it will also require determined resolution to correct it, but how do you correct someone or people who don’t believe they’re doing something wrong.

This is where media comes into the game, movies and stories shape lives and they’ll be very useful in this context.

Our movies have to be intentional, not just some lazying about time but a way of passing the mind revolutionary message across.

I’m strongly persuaded that it’s possible to change the Nigerian narrative if it begins with you.

Please do the morally right thing even if it will cost you extra. You’re simply building the future for yourself and next generation.

We all can’t relocate out of Nigeria but we can grow a better Europe here in Nigeria.

Thank you for reading.

Please share your comments on how or what you’re doing to change the narrative in your own way.