“If I offer you a 20% annual risk-free return, am I lying? The answer is yes, of course.”

Matt Levine; Bloomberg

This statement is the basic truth but we seldom like the truth . I learnt painfully that Return On Investment (ROI) is inversely proportional to Risk On Investment (RsOI). Meaning, the higher ROI, the higher the RsOI.

Whoever dines with the devil must use a long spoon

I’ve been approached severally by Forex traders, MLM marketers etc just to name a few and I’ve been frank about my approach to business..No Gambling.

I’m writing this because I remembered the Pareto’s principle which states

80% of effort generate 20% of results vice versa.

Every type of investment has to be weighed constantly if it’s truly generating result or just wasting time.

But of course we seldom like the truth.

Going forward, it’s imperative to constantly evaluate investments to ascertain their viability and RsOI indices.