Today 1st of March 2021 started with a call from a customer who called the day before that he’s already at the office to pick up the laptop we discussed…

Rushed out to the office with my sleepy eyes, met a man and his son who travelled all the way from Alagbado to Ikorodu to buy a laptop for his son going back to school.

All checking and verifying done and a typical customer wants to renegotiate…..but the boss will always stand his ground… the end payment made…..and all smiles they left to their house….. 1st sale done officially….(receipt hiccups)

Stepped back to refresh only to be informed that the almighty LASAA had checked on me at the office regarding my banner outside…..Naija govt will always surprise

The day was fantastic learning that a lot of people suffer from the mechanic and other artisans problems…..most dead cars aren’t supposed to be dead……already thinking of starting an electrical/computer scanning center for vehicles in Ikorodu ( New business)

The day didn’t end until a friend who needed a motherboard for a laptop came to buy and I had to do good boy for him by borrowing him the chassis so as not to restart the coupling process all over again…..

Today wasn’t bad after all…..

It takes just a step to do great things….the lines are fallen into pleasant places…..i have a goodly heritage…


How about you… did your day go?