While scrolling through WhatsApp status tonight I saw a short video of a young boy who appears to be the class captain informing his mates that he’ll write their name.

After watching the video, a picture of my encounter in JSS 2A flashed through my mind and I decided to shared it here tonight.

I joined the school and class in JSS 2 and it appeared our class teacher became fond of me from that instant ( I don’t know why…might be brilliance, calmness or whatever ).

She decided I should be the class captain and announced it to my colleagues only for one boy Dami (not his real name) precisely to approach me and he successfully planted fear into me that Mr Ishola (School Disciplinarian) usually beats the captain first if the class isn’t coordinated and he kept asking if I want to go through that.

He also reminded me that I have a small body and wouldn’t be able to endure the beating. He suggested I should go and tell the class teacher that I don’t want to be the class captain anymore. I didn’t make any move though I was scared to my bones.

Following day, I was summoned by the class teacher to the staff room followed by Dami, on getting there, she asked

“I’m told you said you don’t want to be the captain anymore” and my response was “Yes Ma”. She asks again, “is there any reason for that” and my response was simply “No Ma”.

Unknown to me, he had gone behind my back to tell the teacher that I said I don’t want to be the captain anymore and I don’t know how to tell her about it.

And just like that my leadership role as a captain of JSS 2A, was taken away by a simple coup fuelled by fear. As the term went on, I saw that Dami was never beaten for noise in the class in fact he enjoys special privileges. Every teacher knows him and warms up to him.

You might wonder how that fear could get to me quickly ( that’s a story for another post).

I’m not writing this in regret or crying over spilt milk but a reminder that many of the things we fear are just pictures painted in our minds by the enemy.

A verse in the Bible says the devil is like a roaring lion looking for whom to devour, emphasis on” is like a roaring lion” not a lion.

So many times we want to start a business and the chemicals keep pumping in our veins, because we’ve painted a picture of how the business might not go well.

Or someone who’s been cheated severally becoming extra cautious and fearful of entering into a new relationship with someone else for fear of being cheated again.

So many times, they’re just pictures .

I told someone I don’t watch horror movies anymore and she thought it’s because I’m scared.

Far from it, I’ve learnt that what you feed your mind with is what it expresses and I never want to express fear .

The mouth speaks from the abundance of what’s in the mind..

It’s time to feed your mind and mine with beautiful success stories of people making waves and not just sharing gloomy pictures.

I hope and will be happy if you express boldness , calm and a strong mindset in your daily endeavors.

Thank you for reading my story ❤️❤️😙😙