Countless times I’ve heard folks talk about starting their own business, idea or project and I wonder ( dare not ask them) why. They’re definitely bitten by that tiny “Entreprenal bug.
The surge of wanting to start a venture of your own is often referred to as “bitten by the entrepreneurship bug” as the bug is considered to be infectious because it affects people seriously.

A lot of times, once bitten, they throaway every little logic left in their brains and start living on emotions.

I’m not saying it’s bad to be an entrepreneur,never, all I’m saying is that most of these people haven’t really thought deeply about the business they’re about to start.

They seem to be responding only to symptoms of the bug.

Most believe business is as simple as build the product….market it and voila you’re in billion.

I can say with every form of humility that running a business is like going to war against yourself.

Your life changes from the instant you make that decision.

1. Your parents will not understand you…my Dad still doesn’t understand what I do even now that I’ve been on it for over 10 years. all he knows is I sit on the computer for several hours.

2. Friends and family will assume you’re always free: At the early stages when you don’t have an office to resume to , if you’re not careful, you might be running errands that have no impact on your business simply because you appear to be free and it’s difficult to tell them you’re busy doing nothing.

This is one thing I still find pretty hard to do nowadays..families inviting you for midweek meeting or what nots . It takes a lot of discipline and firmness to convey that busy schedule to them.

3.Spending anyhow

It’s so easy to dip your hands into business funds for personal use.

This is one battle I fight and keep fighting ..

To be continued……

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